NovoAlign Teeth Aligners Price in Chennai

Instead of using messy, uncomfortable traditional dental impressions, NovoAligners use 3D digital scanning technology.

Throughout your treatment, you will have follow-up appointments with your NovoAligner provider to ensure that your teeth are moving according to plan. 

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After completing your treatment with Novo Aligners in Chennai, you will need to wear a retainer to maintain your straightened teeth. 

They will evaluate your bite, the position of your teeth, and any potential issues that may need to be addressed before beginning the treatment. 

The NovoAligner provider will explain the timeline for your treatment, including the expected length of treatment, the frequency of appointments. 

The NovoAligner provider will answer any questions you may have about the treatment process, the aligners, or the expected results.

The provider will confirm with you regarding the NovoAlign teeth aligners price in Chennai besides ensuring that the aligners fit well and are comfortable.

Initially, you may experience some discomfort or pressure on your teeth when wearing new aligners, but this is normal and usually subsides within a few days. 

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You should avoid drinking sugary or acidic drinks, and you should remove the aligners before eating to prevent damage or staining. 

It is important to continue seeing your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings to maintain good oral health and detect any issues early on. 

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