Top 10 Dentist  in Chennai

Chennai is well-known for its exceptional dental clinics and highly skilled dentists who offer a comprehensive range of affordable dental services.  

Dr. N. Raj Vikram is one of the leading and the best dental doctors in Chennai. He serves as the director of Dr. Vikram’s Align, Smile n Shine Dental, Orthodontic & Aligner Clinic.

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Dr. Anjaneyulu K, a highly skilled dental professional in Chennai, not only provides exceptional care to his patients but also imparts his expertise to dental students.

Dr. Nachiappan has over 18 years’ experience as a reputed oral and maxillofacial surgeon and currently practices at VS Hospitals.  

Dr. Deepa, associated with Golden Smile and Artista Dental Clinic, stands amongst the top 10 dentist in Chennai. With a strong commitment to staying abreast of modern orthodontic.

With more than 29 years of experience, Dr. D Arunachalam is a highly regarded dentist who ranks among the best dentists in Chennai.

With 18 years of experience, he has established himself as a consultant dentofacial orthopedist, implantologist, orthodontist, and cosmetic and aesthetic dentist.  

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Dr. G. Harish, practicing at Mr & Mrs Tooth Dental Clinic, is a renowned prosthodontics dentist in Chennai. With over 10 years of experience.

Dr. Aruna Mohan, a highly esteemed top 10 dentist in Chennai with over 23 years of experience, specializes in caring for children’s gums and teeth.

Dr. Kiruthika Asokan is a highly respected dentist and dental surgeon with over 13 years of experience in the field. She specializes in various cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures. 

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