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NovoAlign Aligners

How does Invisible NovoAlign Aligners Work?

  • Invisible NovoAlign Aligners work by gradually repositioning teeth using a series of custom-made, clear plastic trays.
  • The process begins with a 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth, allowing for precise treatment planning.
  • Each aligner applies controlled forces to specific teeth, encouraging them to move into the desired positions over time.
  • Each set of aligners is typically worn by patients for approximately two weeks before advancing to the next set.
  • The transparent nature of the aligners makes them nearly invisible, providing a discreet orthodontic solution for individuals seeking to improve their smile without traditional braces. Regular check-ups monitor progress and ensure optimal results.
NovoAlign Aligners for Adult
What Invisible NovoAlign Aligners process can do

How is NovoAlign Aligners Different?

  • NovoAlign Aligners distinguish themselves through advanced technology and customization.
  • Utilizing 3D digital scans, NovoAlign creates bespoke clear plastic trays for precise teeth alignment.
  • The innovative design offers a comfortable and nearly invisible orthodontic solution.
  • The aligners apply controlled forces, gradually shifting teeth into desired positions.
  • Unlike traditional braces, NovoAlign Aligners are removable, allowing for convenient oral hygiene and dietary flexibility. Regular check-ups ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • This personalized, high-tech approach sets NovoAlign apart, providing a discreet, comfortable, and efficient means of achieving a straighter smile. 

Treatment Process

  • The NovaAlign treatment begins with a 3D digital scan to create personalized clear plastic aligners.
  • Patients wear these virtually invisible trays, which exert controlled forces on specific teeth, guiding them into desired positions.
  • Each set of aligners is typically worn for two weeks before transitioning to the next.
  • The removable nature of NovaAlign Aligners facilitates easy oral care and dietary flexibility. Regular check-ups monitor progress and enable adjustments.
  • The process ensures a comfortable, customized orthodontic solution, allowing individuals to achieve a straighter smile with discretion and convenience. 
FAQ for NovoAlign Aligners


  • Invisible NovoAlign Aligners, crafted from clear, BPA-free plastic, discreetly straighten teeth without the visibility of metal braces.
  • These custom-made aligners apply gentle, controlled pressure over several months, gradually shifting teeth into alignment.
  • Each set is worn for 1-2 weeks before progressing to the next, allowing for comfortable eating, drinking, and oral care.
  • With their simplicity in cleaning and maintenance, NovoAlign Aligners in Chennai are a preferred option for individuals seeking both aesthetic improvement and oral health enhancement, offering a convenient and virtually undetectable alternative to traditional braces.
  • Invisible NovoAlign Aligners work with gentle, regulated forces to progressively realign teeth.
  • The process begins with an initial consultation, followed by digital scanning to create a 3D model of the mouth.
  • A tailored treatment plan is then devised based on this model. Custom aligners, made from clear, BPA-free plastic, are fabricated accordingly.
  • These NovoAlign Aligners in Chennai are worn sequentially, typically for 1-2 weeks each, guiding teeth towards the desired alignment.
  • Regular follow-up appointments ensure treatment progress and adjustments as needed.
  • Utilizing advanced digital technology, NovoAlign offers a comfortable, effective, and nearly imperceptible orthodontic solution, enhancing both smile aesthetics and functionality.
  • Results with Invisible NovoAlign Aligners in Chennai vary based on orthodontic severity and treatment adherence.
  • Most patients notice changes within weeks, but total duration hinges on individual needs.
  • Typically, aligners are worn for 1-2 weeks per set, with an average treatment length of 6-18 months. Success relies on strict compliance, wearing aligners for around 22 hours daily, timely transitioning between sets, and attending appointments.
  • Adhering to the plan ensures steady improvement, culminating in a straighter, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Initially, Invisible NovoAlign Aligners in Chennai may induce mild discomfort or pressure as they gently shift teeth.
  • Typically, this subsides within days. Some individuals might experience slight soreness or irritation on the tongue or cheeks due to friction, remedied with orthodontic wax or recommended solutions.
  • Generally, discomfort with NovoAlign Aligners is manageable and milder compared to traditional braces.
  • Their removability facilitates eating, brushing, and flossing, enhancing comfort and convenience. Overall, patients find NovoAlign Aligners offer a comfortable and practical orthodontic solution.
  • While NovoAlign Aligners in Chennai are effective for many orthodontic concerns, they may not be suitable for severe cases requiring extensive correction or certain bite issues.
  • A thorough evaluation by a qualified orthodontist will determine candidacy. NovoAlign Aligners excel in addressing mild to moderate misalignments, overcrowding, gaps, and some bite irregularities.
  • For complex cases, alternative treatments like traditional braces or specialized orthodontic interventions may be recommended for optimal results.
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