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Top 10 Dentist in Chennai

Top 10 Dentist in Chennai | Dr.Vikramsalign
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Chennai is well-known for its exceptional dental clinics and highly skilled dentists who offer a comprehensive range of affordable dental services. These experienced professionals provide everything from basic procedures to advanced surgeries, ensuring their clients receive top-quality care and achieve their desired smiles. This blog highlights the top 10 dentist in Chennai who provide world-class treatment, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and personalized attention. 

Top 10 dentist in chennai | Dr. Vikram’s Align

How do I know which dentist is good?

When looking for a good dentist in Chennai, consider the following points to help you make an informed decision:

1. Recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences with dentists in the area.

2. Online Reviews: Check online platforms such as Google reviews, Yelp, or Practo to read reviews and ratings from previous patients.

3. Qualifications and Experience: Look for dentists who are highly qualified, experienced, and have a good reputation in the field.

4. Services Offered: Ensure that the dentist offers a wide range of services to meet your dental needs, from routine cleanings to specialized treatments.

5. Technology and Facilities: Choose a dentist who uses modern technology and has well-equipped facilities to provide high-quality dental care.

6. Patient Comfort: Consider the dentist’s approach to patient care and whether they prioritize comfort and relaxation during treatments.

7. Emergency Care: Find out if the dentist offers emergency dental services for unexpected dental issues.

8. Cost and Insurance: Inquire about the cost of treatments and whether the dentist accepts your dental insurance plan.

9. Location and Accessibility: Choose a dentist located conveniently near your home or workplace for easy access.

10. Personal Comfort: Trust your instincts and choose a dentist with whom you feel comfortable and confident.

By considering these factors and researching the top 10 dentist in Chennai, you can find a reputable dentist who meets your needs and provides excellent dental care.

Here are the Top 10 Dentist in Chennai

There are reputed dental doctors in Chennai who are known for delivering exceptional care that adheres to the highest standards in the field. Among them, the following dentists stand out as leaders in their profession:

Dr. N. Raj Vikram

M.D.S., Ph.D. (Orthodontics)

Dr. N. Raj Vikram is one of the leading and the best dental doctors in Chennai. He serves as the director of Dr. Vikram’s Align, Smile n Shine Dental, Orthodontic & Aligner Clinic. With 18 years of clinical experience and 15 years of academic expertise, he is widely recognized as a seasoned professional who transforms patients’ lives through healthy and beautiful smiles. His notable contributions, including extensive international publications, national speaker invitations, and participation as a judge, showcase his authority and recognition in the field.

Dr. K. Anjaneyulu


Dr. Anjaneyulu K, a highly skilled dental professional in Chennai, not only provides exceptional care to his patients but also imparts his expertise to dental students. He is listed among the top 10 dentist in Chennai, as he has an impressive educational background, valuable research contributions, clinical proficiency, and unwavering dedication to patient well-being, he commands immense respect within the dental community.

Prof. Dr. S. Nachiappan

MDS (Oral Surgery)

Dr. Nachiappan has over 18 years experience as a reputed oral and maxillofacial surgeon and currently practices at VS Hospitals. He is listed as one of the best dental doctors in Chennai as he is well-versed in complex trauma care, cosmetic face & jaw surgery, replacement missing teeth with Implants, and treating all kinds of Jaw bone tumors. He also treats general conditions and creates public awareness about dental problems and their prevention.

Dr. Deepika

BDS, MDS (Orthodontics)

Dr. Deepa, associated with Golden Smile and Artista Dental Clinic, stands amongst the top 10 dentist in Chennai. With a strong commitment to staying abreast of modern orthodontic advancements, she offers patients the most effective and efficient treatment options. Also, she has played a significant role in helping numerous individuals attain healthy, beautiful smiles and improved dental well-being.

Dr. D. Arunachalam


With more than 29 years of experience, Dr. D Arunachalam is a highly regarded dentist who ranks among the best dentists in Chennai. Specializing as a general dentist and periodontist, he excels in creating satisfied clients with his ability to deliver happy smiles. Known for his extensive clinical skills, he is beloved by patients for his compassionate chairside manner and empathetic approach. His areas of expertise encompass dental implants, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. S.R. Murugesan

MDS (Orthodontics), BDS

Dr. S.R. Murugesan is one of the top 10 dentist in Chennai, highly regarded for his expertise in dentofacial orthopedics. With 18 years of experience, he has established himself as a consultant dentofacial orthopedist, implantologist, orthodontist, and cosmetic and aesthetic dentist. He has conducted extensive research in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, further enhancing his knowledge and skills at the Smile Garden Dental Clinic.

Dr. G. Harish

MDS (Prosthodontist and Crown Bridge), BDS

Dr. G. Harish, practicing at Mr & Mrs Tooth Dental Clinic, is a renowned prosthodontics dentist in Chennai. With over 10 years of experience, he specializes in Implantology and aesthetic dentistry. He excels in various procedures, including crowns and bridge fixing, complete and partial dentures fixing, space maintainers, bleeding gums treatment, impacted tooth extraction, and placement of invisible braces. As a skilled cosmetic and aesthetic dentist, he provides comprehensive dental solutions to his patients.

Dr. Aruna Mohan

MDS (Pedodontics), BDS

Dr. Aruna Mohan, a highly esteemed top 10 dentist in Chennai with over 23 years of experience, specializes in caring for children’s gums and teeth. This best dental also practices at Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dentist and possesses expertise in presurgical orthodontics. Her commitment to providing exceptional dental care to young patients has earned her a reputation as a trusted specialist in the field.

Dr. Kiruthika Asokan


Dr. Kiruthika Asokan is a highly respected dentist and dental surgeon with over 13 years of experience in the field. She specializes in various cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures. Her expertise includes laser gum surgery crowns and bridge fixing, cast partial dentures, acrylic partial dentures, endosurgery, maxillofacial prosthodontics, and artificial tooth placement. She is well-known for her conscious sedation techniques and painless dental procedures, which have earned her a loyal clientele.

Dr. P.R. Chockalingam

MDS (Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry), BDS

With over 16 years of experience, Dr. P.R. Chockalingam, one of the top 10 dentist in Chennai practices as a dental surgeon and cosmetic/aesthetic dentist at Srishti Dentistry. He specializes in pediatric dentistry and his service-oriented approach aims to maintain his clients’ smiles for a lifetime, contributing to his popularity in the city. Driven by expertise, he excels in complex tooth extractions, pre-surgical orthodontics, dental scaling and polishing, flap surgeries, and dental implant procedures.


To conclude, the above-mentioned top 10 dentist in Chennai specialize in various areas, including orthodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry. With their expertise and dedication, they have garnered the trust and admiration of their patients, making Chennai a hub for outstanding dental services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular visits to the top 10 dentist in Chennai are essential for maintaining good oral health. Dental doctors can detect early signs of dental problems, provide professional cleanings, offer preventive care, and address any existing oral health issues. By scheduling regular check-ups, you can prevent potential complications, maintain healthy teeth and gums, and receive guidance on proper oral hygiene practices.

When choosing from a list of top 10 dentist in Chennai, it is crucial to consider their qualifications. Look for a dentist who has completed a reputable dental education program, holds valid licenses and certifications, and stays updated with continuing education. Additionally, consider their specialization, experience, and patient reviews to ensure you receive comprehensive care from a qualified professional.

Dental doctors offer a wide range of services to address various oral health needs. These may include routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, root canals, tooth extractions, gum treatments, dental implants, orthodontic treatments, cosmetic dentistry procedures, and more. The top 10 dentist in Chennai will provide a personalized treatment plan, and guide you through the necessary procedures to help you achieve optimal dental well-being.

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